10 Super Expensive Things Owned by Actor Tom Hanks

Here is a list of the most expensive collectibles Tom Hanks has bought over the years.

A Seven Figure Dollar Home in Malibu

Tom Hanks, like other celebrities, enjoy the luxury of having a lavish home. In 2016, Tom and his wife purchased a house in Malibu. The house cost a whopping $26,000,000, which saw excitement from his fan base. The house was the uttermost definition of sophistication and comfort based on its price. There was no glimpse or information on how the house property looked inside nor the aesthetics it featured. The North American actor set the bar high for other celebrities who have always purchased homes worth millions of dollars to showcase their financial powers and prowess. The Malibu house with a ranch style rests on a 14,500-square-foot. However, in 2017, the family sold out the Malibu mansion at a non-disclosed price.

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks, often referred to as the American cultural Icon, is a popular American actor and filmmaker who has graced our screens for years. He has garnered popularity from his comedic and dramatic roles in different movies and comedies. His acting breakthrough sparked from the 80s in comedies like Splash and Big, winning him consecutive awards. He has continually gathered a large fan base who enjoy his films.

Some of the unforgettable films by Tom Hanks include; sleepless in Seattle, You’ve got Mail, Apollo, The Green Mile, and Cast Away, among many others. He has further partnered with directors to produce epic and successful films such as Saving Private Ryan, Catch me if You Can, The Terminal, Bridge of Spies, The Post, and Bank of Brothers. Additionally, Tom has received notable awards for his works.

The North American actor’s career has not only amassed him tremendous popularity, but the impacts have been significant in his finances. His films have grossed him over $9.96 billion worldwide and $4.9 billion in North America alone. The revenue landed him on the Forbes list of the wealthiest men in the world.

As he enjoys his fame and financial wealth, Tom has always been adventurous about items he purchases. He is mostly not limited by the price of things since his wealth allows him to live large and wide. As a collector, Tom has purchased pretty expensive items that leave the average man shocked by the items’ price.

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