Was It a Prank or Jason Derulo Knocked Will Smith’s Front Teeth Out While Playing Golf

jason derulo knocks teeth will smith prank or real?
jason derulo knocks teeth will smith prank or real?

Will Smith and Jason Derulo met over the weekend for a golf session. Will later posted a video on Instagram where Jason seemed to have knocked his front teeth out with a golf club. But how legit is this? Were they


Technology has taken over the industries with a blow-including television and film. Just take a closer look at the very first actions, explosions, and any other effect for that matter from the first movies in the MCU. When you compare them with the most recent shows, you will appreciate how much technology has changed things in a short space of time. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to tell whether something you are watching is real or not, which is pretty incredible. However, it can also be deceiving, especially when people tend to create deep fakes. Take this video, for example; it was probably nothing more than sheer fun wrapped up in an edited video,

In the short viral clip, Will Smith and Jason Derulo used a virtual golf wall at the formers home. Will appeared to have been coaching Derulo on his swing before things took a drastic turn. The singer took a massive backswing just when Smith was stepping in, giving a major blow to his unsuspecting mouth and, consequently, knocking out the top actor’s front teeth. Will crawls to the camera and shows off a couple of chipped and missing incisors. On the other side, Derulo, overly troubled, slowly backs away and profusely apologizes.

Was it Legit?

While it’s almost clear that Will Smith is sporting a couple of missing teeth, numerous reasons are making us skeptical about the legitimacy of the entire unfolding. To begin with, Will’s first reaction immediately after the incident is getting the camera. Besides, there is no sign of blood, and Jason does not even rush to assess the situation. Furthermore, the follow-up photo raises even more doubts as the damage seems dissimilar compared to how they appeared on the video.

This is not the first time Derulo has shared such a prank. In May, he shares a video of him on Tick Tock attempting a life hack by trying to use a power drill to eat a cob of corn. He then shouts in pain as he shows off his seemingly chipped front teeth. The duo has also played more pranks together on social media. They recently made a video where Jason mysteriously appears in one of Will Smith’s sweatshirts.

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